Our Philosophy:

SUN-GLO, Inc. is driven to consistently provide the best possible product at a truly reasonable price.  We are committed to the details of quality. If it doesn’t work to meet the need, you won’t see OUR name on it.

Over 35 Years In the Making…

SUN-GLO: The Ultimate Glass & Surface Cleaner began its development in 1985 by Kenneth Johnston, a professional window cleaner who understood that in order to maintain a profitable business and provide customers with the best possible price, he must get in and out of the job site as quickly as possible while delivering the best possible results.

How to Use Our Products

Be sure to fill your container with water FIRST and Then add the concentrate to the water. Ultra-concentrated SUN-GLO will foam heavily if placed in the container before the water. If this happens, set your container aside, allow the foam to settle and GENTLY add the remaining water in such a way as to produce as little “splash” as possible. Don’t worry. You haven’t destroyed your chances for great results… It’ll just take you a little longer to finish the job while waiting for the… “calming down period.”