In order to obtain truly superior results, please read and follow these instructions.

Concentrate Instructions

Fill Your Container With Water FIRST

Then add the concentrate to the water. Ultra-concentrated SUN-GLO will foam heavily if placed in the container before the water. If this happens, set your container aside, allow the foam to settle and GENTLY add the remaining water in such a way as to produce as little ``splash`` as possible. Don't worry. You haven't destroyed your chances for great results... It'll just take you a little longer to finish the job while waiting for the... ``calming down period``. 😉

Have the Necessary Towels on Hand to Complete the Job

We strongly encourage you to use one towel specifically for the agitation (scrubbing) or cleaning, and another, CLEAN, DRY, LINT-FREE towel for finish polishing. This is a critical point because if you use the same towel for drying and polishing that is used for the agitation and breaking-up of debris, you will only succeed in moving dirt, grease, and grime around on the surface you are trying to clean. Suffice to say, you will NOT get the results you were hoping for.

Use Only What You Need

Do not over saturate the surface area you are cleaning. For example, if working on a large window or mirror, break it up into smaller, more workable sections rather than spraying the entirety of the area to be cleaned. Finish washing each section (Don't worry if there is a light residue at this point). When that's completed, go back over the entire surface with the clean, dry, lint-free towel to remove any residue and polish the surface to a brilliant luster that is smudge free. Depending upon the dirt & grime level of the area to be cleaned, you may need to repeat this process. When completed, your polishing towel should have little to no drag on the surface, but glide easily over the area.

Avoid Cleaning Windows in the Direct Sun and Heat of the Day

Otherwise the surface will dry too quickly and you will lose the opportunity to agitate and remove the debris and grime before the final polishing can take place.

Concentrate Instructions General Use (SQUEEGEE)

There are many different styles used by professionals, but here’s a simple method that will work for the most inexperienced user.

When Using Squeegees

It is advisable to wet the window, mirror, etc. more liberally than when using towels.

Apply SUN-GLO Liberally to the Surface to be Cleaned

Using a soft brush (these are available at Home Depot, Lowes or janitorial supply stores) scrub the surface. Next, using your finger tip and a towel, dry along the top and left edge (right edge if you're left handed) just far enough from the edge to place your squeegee. Finally, position the squeegee at the top and left edge. Gently pull the squeegee to the other edge of the window or mirror.
  • ​Follow the same procedure down the window to completion. Finish by wiping any missed areas & edges with a dry, lint-free towel. Voila! You’re good to go!

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: After the initial pass, dry the squeegee rubber, position the next starting point with the top end of the squeegee overlapping the dry area no more than 1/4″ – 1/2″. Equally important, once you begin pulling the squeegee, angle the top forward just far enough so water doesn’t travel up and over the squeegee, leaving you with a residual water line across the window or mirror.  Don’t worry… It might take a few attempts to get the hang of it.