SUN-GLO: The Ultimate Glass & Surface Cleaner began its development in 1985 by Kenneth Johnston, a professional window cleaner who understood that in order to maintain a profitable business and provide customers with the best possible price, he must get in and out of the job site as quickly as possible while delivering the best possible results.

Remarkably, SUN-GLO came about by mistake. He was given a sample of a glass and surface cleaner that remained ignored in the truck bed for quite a while. One fateful day, he ran short of the usual “professional” window cleaning concentrate, so he added some of the ready-to-use sample product. Surprisingly, the combination of ingredients caused a noticeable improvement to the windows! The light went on and SUN-GLO: The Ultimate Glass & Surface Cleaner was born.

Why wait so long to sell SUN-GLO: The Ultimate Glass & Surface Cleaner?


Here we are, some 3 decades later, and finally, we are happy to say that we are completely satisfied with the final version of SUN-GLO. During this journey, we’ve worked with chemists from some of the largest manufacturing companies in the US and developed many prototypes. SUN-GLO has been tested on literally tens of thousands of windows. Each blend progressed until we were confident, we finally had a glass and surface cleaner that outperformed the others on the market.

Our SUN-GLO Window Cleaning clients are completely satisfied and enjoy clean, clear and streak-free windows, which don’t go unnoticed by their customers and passersby! Many have asked how they can purchase SUN-GLO for themselves in order to get noticeably cleaner and clearer windows, appliances, fixtures, mirrors, virtually all washable surfaces! We have determined that now is the time and SUN-GLO: The Ultimate Glass & Surface Cleaner is ready and available for purchase.

We have endeavored to associate our name with quality and integrity.

How do we know SUN-GLO is ready for the public? Ken, is quite happy to answer that question. “Because I would buy it and use it. I already do! My clients love it and recommend it to others. It’s that simple.”.

Like you, we don’t appreciate spending money on a product that doesn’t deliver what it promises. We are offering you a first-rate product for the best possible price. “Whether it’s the SUN-GLO product or SUN-GLO window cleaning services, at the end of the day, it’s MY name that’s on the line”.   – Kenneth Johnston

So… Here it is. Give it a try!

We’re confident that you will agree that SUN-GLO is the Ultimate Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner you will ever use.

- The SUN-GLO Team