SUN-GLO Commonly Asked Questions

SUN-GLO: The Ultimate Glass & Surface Cleaner was not originally designed to be sold to the public and therefore production cost was not the issue. I was concerned only with the results. Therefore, we use only the highest quality ingredients. SUN-GLO has been in development for over three decades. It is only due to the incredible demand, we have decided to make it available for everyone, professional and non-professional alike.

It’s our goal at SUN-GLO, Inc., to provide each and every customer with the best possible product at the lowest possible price. We believe that it is in our customer’s best interest to save them unnecessary shipping costs for something they already have access to… water & spray bottles, etc.

NOTE: We do sell the ready-to-use form, but expect to pay about ten times the shipping and delivery fee. An approximate $4.00 +/- shipping and delivery fee, for a concentrated form, is MUCH more cost-effective than the additional $25.00 – $35.00 fee for shipping additional weight, etc.

Concentrates are non-returnable & non-refundable due to the fact that there is really no way to verify whether it has been used, or not. We will gladly refund any ready-to-use product upon receipt of the unused merchandise. Simply mail it back to us along with any constructive comments we can use to improve SUN-GLO’s effectiveness.

SUN-GLO: The Ultimate Glass & Surface Cleaner can be used on just about any hard, washable surface. Its effectiveness can be seen on:

  • Glass

  • Mirrors

  • kitchen appliances

  • countertops

  • bathroom fixtures

  • porcelain

  • chrome

  • stainless steel

  • plexiglass

  • reading glasses

  • automobiles

  • windshields**

  • motorcycles, etc.

We use SUN-GLO to wash our service trucks. Using a pump sprayer, we simply spray the vehicle and wipe it down using clean, dry towels.

** For Windshields: Simply drain the reservoir of any unused windshield cleaner that is presently being used, fill the reservoir with water (we suggest distilled water, but tap will work just fine) then, depending upon the amount required, fill the reservoir and add the corresponding amount of SUN-GLO.

NOTEDo NOT mix SUN-GLO with other products as it can hinder SUN-GLO’s effectiveness.

NOTE: Depending upon the region, we suggest adding isopropyl or methanol alcohol to avoid the possibility of freezing in inclement weather.